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Writing Techniques That Will Help Boost Your Creativity

At times, changing the way you record your work can help make you more creative. Lucky for you, we have lined up different things that you can try out in order to be more creative while writing. But, you can get better inspiration from online casino gaming and win real money online. For now, here are writing techniques that will help to boost your creativity in 2021.

Writing in Large Letters

 If you are not feeling motivated, then writing in big letters can help keep you motivated while playing around and letting loose as well. Either that, or you can write in small letter as well. Eventually, you are going to get the hang of it and get back on track.  You can use a big sheet of paper or just change the font size of your PC or Laptop.

Add More Colors

Using colors is one fun way that you can get to boost your creativity. Generally, colors evoke some sense of emotions from you. And, brighter colors can help give you a better mood. According to research, you will get to be more creative when you are either really happy or really sad. For example, Adele, wrote the bestselling album in her saddest and darkest moments. Therefore, write your work on a big piece of paper but in color and you may get your creative side back.

Using Sticky Notes

As you write your work, you can get to do it on different pieces of sticky notes. And, the best part is that sticky notes are now coming in different bright colors to make it fun as well. Therefore, you can use a different color for each section of your story. Whenever a new idea pops up, you can just go ahead and jot it down. After, patching up the notes may lead you to a whole new story line.

Get a Board

Although boards seem to be a bit more serious, you can brighten up your board and make it livelier. Use different colored chalks, markers or sticky notes.  This is why you will find that a lot of offices for creative people come with a board that you can use to jot down ideas as you brainstorms. They make the vision a lot bigger and clearer. And, if you are sharing your board with other people, then they can also chip in with suggestions and ideas. Before erasing, you can take a picture for future reference and move on to the next problem.

Writing While Standing

As odd as it may seem, this can be quite helpful. There are a lot of ways that you can go about it. For example, you can go to the bar and make use of their counter for your writing. Or, to make it easier, you can stick a paper to the wall and start writing.  Also, this is where the board will come in handy. A good example of writing while standing up is that of Ben Affleck in the Movie the Accountant. He wrote his work directly on the glass wall to help him think clearer.